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Announcing Auditions for A New Brain!

Updated: Jan 21

Old Library Theatre, Fair Lawn Recreation Department’s resident theater company, will hold auditions for A New Brain on Friday, February 2nd from 6-9pm and Saturday, February 3rd from 1pm - 4pm with callbacks by invitation on Sunday, February 4th from 1pm-4pm.  Auditions will be held at The George Frey Center for Arts and Recreation, 10-10 20th St. Fair Lawn, NJ downstairs in the teen room. 

The production will be directed by Jess Hope Katz, with musical direction by Evan T. Charpentier, and co-produced by Caitlin Greene & Amy Kurfist. There will be six performances the weekends of April 12-14 and 19-21, 2024.

Show Description

A New Brain is a show about making the most out of life in the face of tragedy. When a neurotic, frustrated composer is confronted with a terminal illness, he finds comfort in the healing power of art. The show is in fact William Finn’s autobiographical account of his own battle for life when he was afflicted with a seemingly terminal illness. As the central character, Gordon Michael Schwinn struggles to survive, he finds salvation in the healing power of art.

About Auditions

Auditions for A New Brain will be held:

● Friday, February 2, 6-9pm SIGN UP HERE

● Saturday, February 3, 1-4pm SIGN UP HERE

Pre-registration, via the links above, is encouraged, but not required. Those who pre-register for an audition date will be seen before those who walk in. If you have a headshot and resume, please bring a copy of each with you. If you do not have a headshot, we may ask to take a photo of you at the audition. All roles are open.

No Video Submissions Permitted

You can complete the AUDITION FORM online.

Prepare 32 bars of song that you feel best fits your voice and can communicate a story. You may sing from the show, or a contemporary musical theatre song.

Any specific questions about auditions do not hesitate to reach out to the director at


  • Gordon Schwinn: A lovable but sarcastic composer, working on music for Mr. Bungee’s TV show Male Tenor (G2-G4) to play 20’s-30’s

  • Mr. Bungee: The slightly tyrannical director/producer/star of his own children’s TV show; a frog Baritone (B2-G4) , Male,Female or Nonbinary and will be operating a puppet- will double as Dr. Berensteiner see below

  • Mimi Schwinn: Gordon’s loving yet slightly unstable Jewish mother Female Mezzo/Alto (F#3 – C#5) mid 40’s-mid 60’s

  • Rhoda: Gordon’s agent and best friend Female Mezzo/Soprano (A3 to E5)

  • Roger Delli-Bovi: Gordon’s charming and affectionate boyfriend Male Baritone (A2 to G4)

  • Richard: A kind and compassionate nurse Male Baritone (G2 to G4)

  • Homeless Lady: Intelligent, caring, yet rough around the edges Female Mezzo Belt (F3 to Eb5) Nonbinary Performers Are Encouraged To Audition 

  • Dr. Berensteiner: An unsympathetic doctor Baritone (G2 to E4) Male/ Female/ Nonbinary 

  • Minister A somewhat clueless person of the cloth at the hospital Male/Nonbinary or Female Tenor (C3 to A4)

  • Waitress/Nancy D: The waitress is overbearing; Nancy is a mean nurse Female Soprano (A3 to G5)

  • 4-6 people strong Singer/movers to serve as a Greek Chorus of sorts with small solos

Note: If cast, all actors are expected to participate in ONE of the following:

Becoming a Friend of OLT OR Purchasing or selling an ad in the show’s playbill OR Contributing an item for sale at the concession stand

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