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Tickets are on sale now for A New Brain!

A New Brain is a show about making the most out of life in the face of tragedy. When a neurotic, frustrated composer is confronted with a terminal illness, he finds comfort in the healing power of art. The show is in fact William Finn’s autobiographical account of his own battle for life when he was afflicted with a seemingly terminal illness. As the central character, Gordon Michael Schwinn struggles to survive, he finds salvation in the healing power of art.


Gordon Michael Schwinn: Patrick Dwyer

Dr. Jafar Berensteiner: Paul Foster

Roger Delli-Bovi: Jonathan Krouse

Waitress/Nancy D.: Katie Lupfer

Rhoda: Melissa Miller

Mimi Schwinn: Kathy Monroe

The Minister: Jeff Parsons

A Homeless Lady: Sam Szentmik

Richard: David Toussas

Mr. Bungee: Peter Vaiknoras


Director: Jess Hope Katz

Music Director: Evan T. Charpentier

Stage Manager: Erin Sabat

Assistant Stage Manager: Lyss Wortman

Costume Designer: Jessie Blum

Choreographer: Cassandra Barckett

Fight Choreographer: Katie Claire

Props & Set Designer/Producer: Amy Kurfist

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