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Thu, Dec 21


Fair Lawn Community Center

One Act Play Festival Auditions

Sunday, December 17, 2023 & Thursday, December 21, 2023

Registration is closed
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One Act Play Festival Auditions
One Act Play Festival Auditions

Time & Location

Dec 21, 2023, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Fair Lawn Community Center, 10-10 20th St, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410, USA

About the event

Old Library Theatre, Fair Lawn Recreation Department’s resident theater company, will hold auditions for The 13th Annual One-Act Play Festival on Sunday, December 17th from 2pm-5pm and Thursday, December 21st from 6pm-9pm. Auditions will be held at Fair Lawn Community Center.

The Festival will be directed by Mead Winters and co-produced by Armanda Cerqueira and Linda Wielkotz. The show will run for three performances: Friday, February 16th, Saturday, February 17th, and Sunday, February 18th at the Fair Lawn Community Center.

About Auditions

Sunday, December 17th, 2pm-5pm, Conference Room (Upstairs)

Thursday, December 21st 6pm-9pm, Teen Room (Downstairs)

Pre-registration, via the links above, is encouraged, but not required. Those who pre-register for an audition date will be seen before those who walk in. Auditioners will be provided sides from their plays of choice.

***Please complete the online AUDITION FORM 

About The Plays

The One Good Thing or "Are ya Patrick Swayze?" by Joe Bravaco

Directed By Mead Winters


Two brothers, Jamie and Tommy, share a small cottage in Enniskeel, Ireland, a fictional town on the cliffs of the Irish Sea. One morning, after a severe lashing of rain, Jamie makes an astonishing declaration. He announces that he is dead, a ghost. Tommy, naturally, is unconvinced and maintains that his brother's delusion is caused by the grief Jamie has suffered since their mother’s death. With humor and pathos, the men explore a trail of love, grief, and guilt.


JAMIE: Tommy's brother, a primary school teacher, mid-30s to mid-40's, on the thin side, is open, honest and sincere, maybe his hair is thinning.  Single, gay. Must be able to speak with an Irish accent

TOMMY: Jamie’s brother, an artist and the handyman around the house, early-30s, handsome, more robust, a ruddy complexion, in good shape.  Married. Must be able to speak with an Irish accent

Tony and Joey Go to Therapy by Mike Byham

Directed By Elizabeth Fahsbender


Tony and Joey are thieves who have just completed a job in Brooklyn. They duck into a psychological therapist’s office to hide from the police – who are hot on their heels. The therapist mistakes them for her next client and conducts a “couples counseling” session, revealing secrets and ultimately ending with a surprising reveal.


TONY: Adult Male, any age, thief, not very smart but smarter than JOEY

JOEY: Adult Male, any age, thief, exceptionally dim

BOBBIE: Adult Female, any age, unsympathetic therapist

Shaving Lessons and Half-Windsor Knots by F.J. Hartland

Directed By Eric Robitaille


A son shares with us the deep emotional impact his parents had on his life and the impact he had on theirs. Leaping from moment to moment in their lives we are presented with their struggles, loves, bitter squabbles, illness, and sincere moments. Son, Father, and Mother share the stage to give us this tiny look into the lives of others and what they go through from their earliest days to the time when they close their eyes. They explore the complexity of the relationships between parent and child as well as the passing on of one’s stories and traditions.


Son: 20s-30s, like most of us he shares a complex relationship with his parents as they attempt to help guide him through life. Charming but a bit awkward as he is still finding himself. He shares with us his life story and that of his parents though important memories he keeps sacred about them. (NOTE: The script calls for this character to spend a brief portion of the play in their underwear. It is not a need for the script however and the nature of that section is fully open for discussion.)

Dad: 40s-50s, like many of our fathers, a bit distant and stoic, but still cares deeply for their family. Even if he can only express it in his own special way. Hard working and willing to do whatever they can for those they care about.

Mom: 40s-50s, like many of our mothers, intimate in our lives both as well meaning and

overbearing. Cares for her family and does what she thinks is best for them, even if it does come across as a bit passive aggressive at times.

The Waters of the West Branch by Anthony Bevilacqua

Directed By Nat Genace


June 22, 1995. A few days before, Vincent Leonetti was involved in a railway incident. A formal investigation begins into the event under the Detective Darren Guilford. Bill Hardgrove, Leonetti’s attorney, is present. While Guilfard proceeds with a structured investigation, Hardgrove sees his friend and counsel has been deeply affected by the incident. Bryce, a country type youth in NY, is struggling with his home life and school, when he encounters a friend that breathes vigor and joy his life. However, his home life collides with his new connection, forcing Bryce to come to face the severity of his situation.


Vincent Leonetti: Age 30-40. Imposing Stature, Brooklyn-Italian, lives in Saddlebrook, railway worker for Susquehanna and Western (Union). While Vincent maintains a strong appearance, he is trying hold back the devastation of a recent incident at work. Ever more, Vincent is holding back his outrage at a discovery from all that has transpired

Bryce Corbertt: Actor Age 14 to 20, must appear high-school age. Shy, Quiet, simple country boy, slight country accent. Grew up in Chenango County, NY on Farms, goes to church. Highschool sophomore., average student, not very athletic. Outcast in both family and school, but a new friendship forms into inspiring something wonderful for Bryce. His joy is cut short when his home life intervenes.

Detective Darren Guilford: Age 35-50, investigator with NewYork Susquehanna and Western Railway Police. Called in to investigate what appears to have been a basic accident involving a railway. Strictly business until he realizes the impact on a worker.

William Hardgrove: Age 35-50 Union Rep and Counseler for Vincent Leonetti. Acts professional, but is very sympathetic and nuturing to Leonetti. Almost a bigger-brother of sorts in the events.

The Queen and Her Hive by Kevin B

Directed By Jackie Knollhuff


"The Queen and Her Hive," Takes place in the bustling world of a beehive where the revered Queen of the colony, announces her retirement to her loyal subjects. As the hive buzzes with anticipation and uncertainty, the play unfolds during a crucial meeting where the Queen gathers her subjects to discuss the future leadership of the hive.


All roles can be cast with any age or gender

Queen Bee: A Queen Bee that is a bit frustrated.

Beep, A Bee: Absent-minded bee

Beem, A Bee: Absent-minded bee

Beet, A Bee: Absent-minded bee

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